Obtain a US Phone Number with Skype

You really want to have a US phone number but you are living in another country. There is one simple way for you: get a Skype phone number at a reasonable price. Step 1: Open your Skype profile Step 2: Navigate to Skype Number section Step 3: Select your country and phone number. You are redirected to webpage in which you can choose your country to get a phone number. In this case I selected United States. One available phone number is selected and displayed but you can select other locations if you want. Step 4: Payment There are a few payment methods of your choice. That's it. Now you can receive calls and SMS via Skype apps on your smart phones as well as your desktop.

Redirect Naked Domains to WWW

Normally domain names start with 'www' to make it something like this: However if you want to make it look shorter by removing the prefix (aka. 'naked' domains), you have several ways to tackle this: Option 1: Use DNS Service like CloudFlare. You create a A record and point to a placeholder IP (it is Then you make a page rule to redirect. Option 2: Host the naked domain and enable redirects <head> <meta http-equiv='refresh' content='0; URL='> </head>

Create Websites with Blogger

Trong bài viết này John Technology  sẽ giới thiệu cách chúng ta dùng một dịch vụ miện phí của Google để tạo trang web chuyên nghiệp cho bản thân. This post walks you through the simple processes to use a free service by Google to create professional websites.